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Saturday, July 25, 2009

Acne Tips

Accutane Treatment for Acne Control

Accutane is considered the most advanced and powerful form of treatment for acne to date. It is highly effective in controlling and healing severe acne especially the ones that leave scars and ugly spots on the face. Accutane is a derivative of Vitamin A and comes in the form of a pill. Accutane treatment lasts

Tips to Reduce Acne for Clearer Skin

A clear and blemish-free skin does not only make a person look good but also boost self-confidence. But because of varying skin types among individuals across different age groups and nationalities, skin care can also vary, sometimes to a great extent. Factors such as genetic, hormonal and lifestyle can cause skin problems. The following tips

Tips to Prevent Acne with Diet and hygiene tips

Having a smooth and blemish-free skin is every person’s concern for the fact that it boosts self-confidence and it makes you feel and look good. There are some people who are prone to acne and they are bombarded with skin problems ranging from mild to severe skin breakouts. Prevent acne effectively by following practical methods

Diet for People with Acne

With the number of skin care products available in the market, each one promising unique features and benefits, it is quite hard to make the right choice. An acne-prone skin requires specialized treatment and most of the time; a product that works for one person does not give the same results to another. One of

Acne during Pregnancy

Acne during pregnancy is a common problem among women. Pregnant women, especially those in their first trimester of pregnancy, are prone to skin outbreaks. Hormones play a huge role in this occurrence. Even women gifted with clear skin all their life may suffer from acne outbreaks during the first three months of pregnancy. The good

Positive and Negative Effects of Benzoyl Peroxide

Benzoyl Peroxide is commonly used to treat acne. It has a formulation of two parts benzoyl and one part peroxide. It is used topically to treat acne and is generally found to be effective. However, its efficacy varies from person to person. The use of benzoyl peroxide is also governed by some precautions.
Benzoyl Peroxide

Tips for Choosing an Ideal Acne Face Wash

Keeping skin clear of impurities, make-up and dirt is the ideal solution to get rid of acne and keep skin healthy-looking. Cleansing the skin with a gentle and effective acne face wash is the first step in treating acne. This prepares the skin for application of topical medications.
In choosing an acne face wash, it

Using the Right Acne Cream ideal for your Skin Type

There are a lot of acne creams available in the market and each one promise unique features and benefits to effectively treat acne-prone skin. Making the right choice of acne cream can be difficult due to the number of choices. The best way to find an ideal acne cream is by assessing your skin type.


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  8. 1.Apply lemon juice to pimples to reduce their size and intensity.
    2.When orange peels are pounded and combined with water, an effective home treatment for pimples is created. Apply to affected areas and watch the results.
    These are some useful acne remedies.

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